student comments

In the years that I have been teaching colored pencil, it has been such a pleasure to meet and expose wonderful budding and experienced artists to what can be done with colored pencil.  I truly have learned so much from my students and they continue to prompt me to challenge myself as a teacher, as well as an artist. 

Each session brings students of many skill levels, or previous media experience.   Every student gets individual attention since my class size is small and intimate due to my studio size.  Students learn color mixing, values, composition, rendering shape and underpainting techniques in colored pencil as well as enjoy a building friendship.  Comments made about my classes and teaching style have been:

Becky Spangler  12/10/13

This year, for the first time, I became interested in painting with colored pencils.  With the suggestion from a friend, I signed up to take classes with Gloria Callahan.  It was and continues to be a wonderful experience.  Gloria is a “hands-on” teacher, giving helpful advice as you work to complete a painting.  Her blending techniques and understanding of color help her students produce works of which they can be proud.  Whether you have prior experience with colored pencils or are new to this medium, I would recommend her as an



Kathy Scott 12/2013

" I am primarily an oil painter who has always been intrigued with colored pencils. When I first saw Gloria's paintings at an art show I knew she was doing something unique and in the painterly style you don't normally associate with pencils. This is my third year of taking Gloria's classes ,she has not only given me a solid foundation but inspires me with her passion and extensive knowledge of the medium. I have gone from a true beginner to having sold 3 colored pencil paintings under the guidance of a great teacher."  

Pauline Clay 12/2013

Gloria is not only a gifted and talented artist, she is also a talented, patient teacher. She is very willing to share her knowledge, techniques and tips for creating a painterly look with colored pencils. I feel like I have grown tremendously in my understanding of color, composition and technique in the time I've been working with her. Her classes are the highlight of my week.   

Pauline Clay 12/2013

B. A.  05/2012

"I have been taking watercolor classes for 2 years and my skills have improved in colored pencil more in the last 6 weeks of my first class session than in the two years of watercolor."

S. H.  06/2011

"Your style of teaching is so giving, you are very generous!"


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